WOUND magnetic CORES

Cores of magnetic circuits are one of the most important components for the production of electric machines and their quality determines the parameters of the final product.

Toroidní jádro vyrobené ve společnosti THERMA FM

We offer the following types of magnetic cores

  • Toroidal cores
  • Wound divided cores
  • Electrical steel - lamination
  • Unicore
  • Nanocrystalline cores

The use of magnetic cores

Výroba toroidních jader z magnetických obvodů

      Magnetic cores produced by our company are used for construction of:

  • network transformers
  • measuring transformers
  • safety transformers
  • instrument transformers
  • power transformers
  • output transformers
  • potential transformers
  • pulse transformers
  • special transformers
  • single-phase and three-phase distributive transformers
  • single-phase and three-phase chokes
  • conventors
  • inductors
  • impulse transformers etc.

Toroidní jádra po vyrobě ve společnosti THERMA FM

Used electrical steel:

  • Grain oriented electrical steel (CRGO)
    • strip thickness 0,10mm, 0,15mm, 0,18mm, 0,20mm, 0,23mm, 0,27mm, 0,30mm and 0,35mm
    • coil widths from 5mm to 1000mm,
    • frequency from 50Hz to 20kHz
  • Non-grain oriented electrical steel (CRNGO)
    • strip thickness, 0,35mm, 0,50mm, 0,65mm
    • coil widths from 5mm to 1000mm,

To measure magnetic properties of  cores, we are equipped with special instruments. These values are measured continuously in the entire range of the alternating magnetizing characteristics limited merely by the maximum power of measuring instrument. All results can be printed on the measurement protocol or it is possible to process the measured values further in the form of tables and graphs directly on the computer. We do 100% tests of all our cores and the measuring process is controlled and recorded.

The following properties are evaluated:

  • Intensity of the magnetic field Heff (A/m)
  • Magnetic induction Bmax. (T)
  • Core losses P (W)
  • Amplitude permeability etc.

Magnetické obvody při měření vlastností

The control system is based on the following main points:

  • Selection of electrical steel, which is based on its magnetic and mechanical quality,
  • Dimensional control for winding cores
  • Thermal process control
  • 100% final quality test ensures dimension accuracy and guarantees, that the limits of magnetic values are met.
  • Packaging control