Briquetting - Metal recycling

The company Therma FM, Ltd. is managing metal scrap recycling plant since 2005.

Recycling lines consists of:

  • sorting of scrap metal (visual, RTG analyzer)
  • crushers of long turnings
  • briquetting machines

The current capacity of the lines allows us to serve multiple clients simultaneously while maintaining tight deadlines.



The advantage of metal scrap briquetting is obvious:

  • a positive economic impact in terms of better handling of briquettes
  • easier loading and unloading
  • lower transport costs
  • better handling in batches into the furnace
  • reducing the amount of alloying elements in the batch
  • less slag formation etc.

Briquetting of feedstock only takes place via hydraulic pressure (300 bar). Briquettes are made without any binder.

Crushing and briquetting

  • own metal scrap or briquets
  • In case it is a long chip,crushing is included.
  • Material and size of metal scrap for crushing and briquetting by agreement.

Materials for crushing and briquetting (long turnings, short chips)

  • Mix of steel shavings
  • Single-steel chips (one sort of material)
  • Cast iron chips
  • Alloy and stainless steel materials
  • Non-ferrous metals - Al, Cu
  • Bronze and brass shavings
  • Tungsten
  • Tyre wires
  • etc.


Long turnings crushing


Metal chips purchase

We buy scrap metal from machining - steel, cast iron and aluminum chips, small metal waste.

For example:

  • CrMo steel (42CrMo4 and other quality of CrMo steel)
  • Carbon steel chips (one sort of material)
  • Cast iron chips and small residues (gray and ductile cast iron)
  • other offered material


We sell ​​briquettes from the above materials. Briquettes are of cylindrical shape and their sizes are:

  • diameter 105 mm, length 100 mm, according to the material weight of about 4 kg
  • diameter 120 mm, length 120 mm, according to the material weight of approx 6.5 kg


We are able to manage transport or it could be provided by the supplier / purchaser.